Baseball Writers Say No to 2013 Class

2013 MLB HOF Vote 011013

With the likes of Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Mike Piazza in the running for the 2013 class, its amazing that not one of those named were nominated yesterday into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Many know this has a lot to do with the belief that many of the players on this year’s ballot were somehow involved in taking steroids or performance enhancing drugs at some point in their careers.  And sadly, even though a select few have been proven guilty, many others suffer from just being a part of that era.  And some players just don’t get in because some of these “illustrious” writers (the ones who hand out the HOF tickets) don’t believe in letting folks in on the first time they are on the ballot.  That makes absolutely no sense to me.  If a player is good enough to be in the HOF who cares if he gets in the first year.

Sad to say but I believe it is about time changes are made to how baseball runs its hall of fame.  Though I do agree that many writers are very well-versed in the sport and know the good players, I also believe that many of them use it to their own advantage and use it as a soapbox.  “Barry Bonds wasn’t very nice to me so I’ll overlook all of his accomplishments pre-supposed PED usage and not vote him in.”  It amazes me that these people act like the players pre-PED era were these great and wonderful moral characters.  Let’s all be real.  Many were alcoholics, abusers, drug addicts, or racists.  But that is overshadowed by their accomplishments in the game.  Now all of a sudden everyone is so sanctimonious.  Give me a break!  Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were hall of famers before the steroid era (which baseball did NOTHING about for years), and both should be inducted this year.  But we will have to wait til some of these soapbox artists put their pens away and no longer have a vote.

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