Jason Collins: 1st Openly Gay Athlete in US Major Sports


Jason Collins became the first openly gay athlete to play in any of the four major U.S. sports with his appearance in Sunday’s Nets vs. Lakers game.

The Brooklyn Nets signed Collins to a ten-day contract Sunday morning.  With his home in Los Angeles, the center who came out last spring, was able to join the team for the evening game.  Collins entered the game in the early second quarter, and played 11 minutes.  He finished the game with two rebounds and one steal.

This was Collins first time on the court since he announced he was gay.  He last played for the Washington Wizards in April 2013.

I attended the game last night, and Collins received a warm welcome from the Los Angeles crowd.  Hopefully one day we get to a point where things like this aren’t news.  Personal lives of athletes should not be the focus. But I do understand this is “history-in-the-making” and must be documented.

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