LeBron James Returning to Cleveland


SI.com Cover Story: LeBron Returns to Cleveland

The King is Back!!  LeBron James announced Friday that he would return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In a SI.com article, James announced to the world that he would make his way back to his home, where he belongs.

Diva’s Dish:  I know many people speculated constantly about LeBron James’s decision, myself being one of them.  But one thing I always knew: only Cleveland could pull him from Miami.  He has never struck me as the type of player to embrace the villain role that was ascribed to him after making his move to Miami, and only returning home could make him a hero again.

I believe that in basketball terms, this is a great decision.  It gives him the opportunity to come back a better basketball player as well as a man prepared to lead a team.  In 2010, he was used to being coddled.  Cleveland gave him whatever he wanted (I believe that’s a HUGE part of why they were so hurt by The Decision).  Miami did not offer him the same.  Pat Riley expected more of him.  Now, he can bring that new attitude to a young team.

In life terms, I believe it makes the most sense.  LeBron has always said he was a kid from Akron, Ohio.  The home of his birth, youth, and early basketball career was where he truly felt he belonged, and in the end he simply wanted to go back and raise his family there.  He will inspire a generation of youth in that area to love where they come from and to help build it.  And that is where I feel he is at his most influential.

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