Reports: Knicks Offer Phil Jackson Front Office Job

Phil Jackson 3714

After rejecting an offer to coach the team, the New York Knicks have once again reached out to Phil Jackson to work with his former team.

The Knicks have reportedly offered former Bulls and Lakers head coach Phil Jackson a job in their front office.  Jackson who has been out of coaching for a few years now, has on numerous occasions hinted that if he were to get back into basketball it would likely be in a front office role with more control than coaching provided him.

The world-renowned former coach played for the New York Knicks where he was a part of two championship-winning teams.  He then went on to coach 11 NBA champions between his time with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.  Reportedly the Knicks are expecting a decision from Jackson by next week.

Jackson has close ties to the Los Angeles Lakers.  He still lives in Los Angeles, and is engaged to team president Jeanie Buss.  Many believe Phil would be very interested in a front office position with the Lakers but his relationship with Jeanie’s brother Jim, who makes the team decisions, is strained at best.

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