Sterling Won’t Pay NBA Fine, Prepared to Sue

Donald Sterling

As the Los Angeles Clippers prepared to save their postseason Thursday evening, news broke that Donald Sterling was taking a stand against the NBA’s punishment.

Donald Sterling’s attorney sent a letter to the league office stating Sterling would not be paying the $2.5 million fine levied by Adam Silver.  In the letter, they claim Sterling did nothing wrong to warrant the fine, and subsequent ban, and will take legal action to keep Sterling’s stake in the Clippers.

This move surprises no one, as most people knew Sterling’s legal history, and know he is more than happy to litigate his problems away.  Sadly, the 81-year-old doesn’t seem to realize the resolve of the league which is adamant that Donald Sterling and his family (including estranged wife Shelly) will have no parts in the team moving forward.  The league has responded to Shelly Sterling’s claim of ownership, and possible litigation, with a curt statement.  The NBA is full of attorneys, top to bottom, and I am very sure they know exactly what they are doing, and how to get the toxic Sterling family OUT.

Both Sterlings are considering using divorce to prolong the sale process as a $1.9 billion divorce with tons of community property including the Clippers would take years to separate.  However several sources believe the league has the ability to completely terminate the Clippers, and oversee the sale and simply let the Sterlings figure out how to separate the proceeds on their own.

We will see how that goes now that the Clippers’ season is over.

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