Warriors Fire Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

The writing was on the wall…and now the announcement has been made.  The Golden State Warriors have fired head coach Mark Jackson, the team announced Tuesday.

The move comes just days after the Warriors were eliminated from the playoffs by the Clippers on Saturday.  The Warriors were 51-31 in the regular season, and pushed the Clippers to a seven-game series.

However, sources stated that Jackson often butted heads with many people within the organization.  He often didn’t see eye-to-eye with top brass, or even those on his own coaching staff.

But that flies in the face of his relationship with his players.  The team often rallied around him, and have made it incredibly clear that they wouldn’t be in favor of  him losing his job.  Steph Curry stated, as recently as Monday, that he thought the scrutiny was unfair and he would make it known to any who asked.

Diva’s Dish: Mark Jackson was always seen as a fiery figure, whether playing, announcing, or in the pulpit as a minister.  He may not be the best Xs and Os guys but plenty of basketball people believe if he has a solid assistant, he could do great in the right situation.

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