What is Happening to the Lakers?


I am by no means a Lakers fan.  If you know me personally, you know that.  But watching them these days, I just feel sorry for them.

Last night, the legendary team was taken apart by the “little brothers” of LA, the Los Angeles Clippers.  After holding on fairly well in the first quarter, the Lakers were assaulted to the tune of a 44-13 second quarter.  The game was over before the second half even began.

Since losing the opportunity to get Chris Paul in a Lakers jersey, LA’s preeminent squad has been lackluster at best.  A bad coach decision.  Poor free agent pick-ups.  Everything is going wrong from top to bottom.  Changes need to be made, and personally the first needs to be Jim Buss agreeing to make decisions with his sister, Jeanie.  She is a very smart basketball mind, and she isn’t given enough credit for that.

With nearly everyone on their team under one-year contracts, the team has the opportunity to make some huge changes over the next two offseasons.  Hopefully they can woo top free agent talent as well as utilize the high draft picks they’ll likely have thanks to this horrid season.

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