Brian Banks Inks Movie Deal

Brian Banks 11014

Brian Banks will get the chance for the world to know his story from his perspective.  TMZ has learned that Banks recently signed a deal for a movie about his life.

You should remember the story of Banks.  But if you don’t, here is a refresher.  Back in 2002, Banks was a high school football standout at Long Beach Poly High School in Long Beach, California.  Preparing to head off to play college ball, Banks was accused of raping fellow student Wanetta Gibson in a stairwell at the school.  Faced with multiple felony charges against him, Banks took a plea deal that had him serve five years in prison, five years on probation, and a lifetime registration as a sex offender.  Though he maintained his innocence the deal made more sense than facing a jury trial.  Gibson and her mother subsequently filed a civil suit against the Long Beach City School Board and won $1.5 million.  But in 2011, Gibson admitted to Banks, then free and finishing up probation, that she had fabricated the entire story.  Brian Banks, unbeknownst to Gibson, taped the statement and used it to get his conviction overturned.  After hearing his story, and learning that Brian was still very interested in moving forward with his football dreams, scouts and coaches alike invited him to NFL team tryouts.  Pete Carroll, coach of the Seattle Seahawks and former coach at USC who had offered Banks a scholarship in high school, even brought Brian out for minicamp.  Though he wasn’t picked up at the time, he was very happy just having the opportunity to do what he loved again.  In April 2013, the Atlanta Falcons signed him as a free agent and he played most of the preseason with the team.  He was cut prior to the start of the regular season, he speaks fondly of his time in the NFL.  He now is a spokesperson for the California Innocence Project which helped him gain back his good name in 2012.

I am excited to see so many wonderful things happening for this man.  The truth and blessings that come with it always find those that deserve it.

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