Fireworks and Football Players — NOPE


Sooooo…last Saturday was the Fourth of July.  And as is customary, many people across the country celebrated with fireworks.  Some went to sanctioned fireworks shows, other more brave/fearless folks decided to have shows at their homes.  This is nothing new.  It happens every year.

But this year a couple of football players are trying to decide if that was the best decision.

It is being reported that both Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and Buccaneers cornerback C.J. Wilson were seriously injured after handling fireworks over the weekend. The extent of JPP’s injuries are still unknown.  The Giants organization has attempted to find out more information by visiting him in Florida where he is for the offseason, but were not allowed to see him for three days straight.  Yet we have found out through “sources” how serious Wilson’s injuries are.  Reportedly he lost two fingers on one hand.

No, it isn’t fair that professional athletes have to forgo many things the general public gets t to do because of their contracts.  But situations like this help you see why. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices, or you could lose out on millions of dollars.

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