Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis Lombardi Trophy 2413

After a crazy game that saw little from the 49ers in the first half, a great show by Beyoncé, a power outage, and resurgence by the Colin and the gang, the Baltimore Ravens are once again Super Bowl Champions.

Kaep Blackout 2413From the start, the Baltimore Ravens seemed a bit more prepared for the big lights.  They came out firing, quickly overpowering the San Francisco 49ers.  Joe Flacco and the offense began to roll, and it looked like San Fran would have little answer.  Cut to Beyoncé using up all the power (LOL…j/k) with that electrifying performance.  Then in one of the weirdest things to happen in a Super Bowl, the lights went out in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for more than 30 minutes.  And momentum shifts.  Colin Kaepernick begins to be the quarterback that we all expected.  This game soon became a GAME.  And it went down to the final minutes with the 49ers coming very close to the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time.

This was definitely one of the better Super Bowls.  Well after that lights out situation of course. But it was physical, offensively interesting, defensively aggressive game.  Loved nearly every minute of it!  Oh yeah…and Ray Lewis goes out on top (thanks to that deer antler spray *wink wink*)

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