Super Bowl XLVII Pick

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The day is finally here.  After months of practices, team meetings, injuries, comebacks, wins and losses, we are finally set with our last two teams: the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.  And now we will see who the top team is of the 2012 NFL season.

The Baltimore Ravens, with their dynamic defense, legendary linebacker, and elite-like quarterback, are heading to the Super Bowl 12 years after winning it.  We all know the story of the last remaining member of that 2000 season Ravens team, Mr. Ray Lewis.  He is in his final run in the league; ready to hang it up after this season.

The San Francisco 49ers, once more known for their defense, have emerged as an offensive threat with the emergence of 2nd year quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a passing-running juggernaut.  Once a complement, the Niners offense is now the focus.

Both of these teams have taken on the personalities of their coaches, two coaches who also happen to be brothers.  John (Ravens) and Jim (49ers) Harbaugh are both known for their bombastic energy and attention to defensive detail.  Older brother John is a little less wild, and his team reflects that.  Younger brother Jim is a little more on-edge, and the energy of his team is obvious.  They both take risks – John got rid of his offensive coordinator midseason while Jim changed quarterbacks midseason.  And now they’re both in the Super Bowl.

So who is Hardwood Diva going with?

As a California girl, I like seeing San Francisco 49ers in the spotlight.  As a fan of the game, I enjoy the idea of Ray Lewis riding off into the sunset with the Lombardi trophy.  So what in me wins?  I’m going with the San Francisco 49ers.  These teams defensively are very similar. Their offenses even have some similarities.  But the one thing San Fran has that Baltimore doesn’t is Colin Kaepernick.  That ability to pass first, and run well if passing isn’t an option is undeniable.  Can’t wait for the game!!

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