>Haynesworth Suspended


The Washington Redskins have finally had enough of of Albert.  It was announced today that the team would be suspending DT Albert Haynesworth for four games without pay for conduct detrimental to the team.

I’m normally on the side of the player in disputes with the team but at some point you just become annoying…and your antics childish.  Especially when you’re making millions to play with little fire or passion.  And I’m glad they made it w/o pay.  I knew he was becoming increasingly detrimental but I was sure they wouldn’t let him go because then he would be rewarded and actually sit on his butt just cashing in.  But looks like Snyder and Shanahan aren’t going to give in to his silliness.

Oh well Fat Albert…you’ve got quite a bit of cash and plenty of time on your hands.  Time to do something productive. 🙂

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