>Manning Likely Done for 2011


Guess the Colts better figure out if Kerry Collins or Curtis Painter is going to be their QB this season, because according to owner Jim Irsay, it won’t be Peyton Manning.  Maybe.  

In a statement made during a breakfast event with Super Bowl donors this morning, Irsay stated that due to Manning’s neck injury there was little chance that Peyton would be taking the field this season.  And of course that was the headline all over the blogs, radio shows and ESPN.  However Irsay clarified on Twitter and said basically the same thing.  Yes Peyton will remain on the active roster and will be evaluated month to month.  Yes there’s an outside chance he could return in December.

But let’s all be real…and smart.  Indianapolis knows Peyton isn’t coming back this season.  Once he had that surgery his chances of playing in 2011 went from probable to beyond slim.  Give up Jim Irsay.  Stop trying to keep us interested.  We know Peyton is out.  Now we’re just watching to see if you guys tank the season and aspire for Andrew Luck or if you invest real time in developing Painter.

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  1. >I think they should see what Painter's got & sit the old man Collins on the bench. For someone who hasn't taken very many snaps, Painter didn't look too bad last night.

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