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Say what you want about “Pretty Boy” Floyd “Money” Mayweather but there is no denying one thing: the man puts on a show for the fans.  In one of the most anticipated fights this year, Mayweather went toe-to-toe with the taller, presumably stronger “Sugar” Shane Mosley, and came out on top.  After hearing that he was ducking and dodging the big-time boxers like Pacquiao and Mosley, Floyd made the decision to fight Mosley to dispel the rumors.  And with 11 solid rounds Saturday night, he definitely put an exclamation point on his claims of being the best pound-for-pound boxer in the sport right now.  Mayweather’s pure skill, speed and boxing intelligence seem to outmatch the seasoned Mosley.

The fight started out as most had expected: a first round of sizing one another up and seeing how to box the rest of the rounds.  But then in the second, Mosley stung Mayweather with a right to the jaw that caught him off-guard.  Then moments later he stuck him with a second right that seemed to buckle Mayweather’s knees.  Like most watching at this point, I said that if Mosley wanted to win he had to take Mayweather out then.  Unfortunately for Mosley he couldn’t hear all of us.  He let Mayweather get his footing back and the fight was lost for Mosley at that moment.  Mayweather showed he could take a solid punch and keep standing, and keep fighting his fight.  And that he did.  Mosley had no chance after that.  An intelligent, defensive fighter, Mayweather still has the speed to counter punches from opponents and still put together quick combinations that stun.

I think many underestimate Floyd’s skill because he has made the decision to be a businessman about boxing.  He’s smart enough to fight the fights he can win, and where he will make the most money.  And he chooses not to worry much with title belts and just cash the checks.  Sorry, I just call that SMART.  If Wall Street bankers can cash million dollar bonus checks then a man getting his head knocked in on  a fairly regular basis should definitely be able to do the same.  Now I want to see him fight Manny Pacquiao, and finally silence ALL the doubters.  Pacquiao step up and take the blood test.  It ain’t that serious a request.  #Cmonson

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  1. >It's a serious request because Mayweather is asking Pacquiao to give blood before they go in the ring. Which causes exhaustion, dizziness etc. Pacquiao is willing to give a hundred test, just not in the ring before a fight. Mayweather is just not ready to fight him and keeps coming up with excuses.

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