>Surving the Summer Sports Lull


It’s that time of year again.  You know the one…basketball has ended and football is months away (especially with this darn lockout situation).  These are seriously the “dog days of summer.”  So what is a sports fan to do??

Well if you are like me, as in you only really watch basketball and football, and only catch something else if it happens to be on ESPN…you’re probably struggling trying to figure out something to do with yourself. So if this is you, do what I plan on doing this summer.  Discover some new(and old) sports while the turf and hardwood are shut down.

Catch a baseball game (me and the bf are hitting the Dodgers/Angels game on the 26th)…try a soccer match(wanna finally see one of those in person)…catch a tennis match(Wimbledon shall soon be upon us)…hit a track and field meet…hit the beach and watch/join a volleyball match(Huntington and Newport Beaches have great ones)…participate in a golf tournament (there’s a great one going on in the LA area on August 1st here).  But most importantly…GET OUT and enjoy the summer.  This is the time of year where you use your own athletic talents to have a good time. So go do it DARNIT!!  🙂

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