Wednesday’s Woman — Debi Thomas

Debi Thomas 21914

As we come to the end of the Winter Olympics, and make our way through Black History Month, we highlight another Black woman pioneer in winter sports – Debi Thomas.

Debi Thomas was the first African-American to obtain the title of world champion in women’s figure skating. In 1988, Thomas became the first Black American to medal in the Winter Olympics in Calgary.  She received the bronze medal in a title bout that put “America’s Sweetheart” Thomas against East Germany’s phenom.  Thomas is also the only Black woman to have held both the National title and World title in the same year (1986).

Dr Debi Thomas 21914Thomas chose to end her very successful skating career after the 1988 World Championships.  She went on to study engineering at Stanford before graduating with a degree in medicine from Northwestern University.  She is now a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Virginia.

Just like I like them…beauty, athleticism, and brains.

One thought on “Wednesday’s Woman — Debi Thomas

  1. Let me guess the problem. Debi Thomas is accustomed tobeing the best of the best. To her credit, she won’t practice her profession if she feels under-qualified. Is Dr. Thomas a victim of Affirmative Action (AA), a program designed to add minorities to professions where they are under-represented? Few women or blacks are orthopedic surgeons, a specialty that demands physical dexterity as well as quick thinking and intelligence. A medical school likely used Debi Thomas as a “twofer”, to fulfill the state requirements for the number of AA students per class. For these students requirements are waived, exams are excused, national exams are waived and often licensing exams are waived as well.

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