EA Sports to Include Women in FIFA 2016


With the 2015 Women’s World Cup just completed and the trophy back in the US, women’s soccer is as popular as ever.  Capitalizing on that popularity is EA Sports, the premier video game company.  It was announced that EA Sports will be including women in the 2016 version of one of the most popular video games, FIFA.

Set to be released in September of this year, FIFA 2016 will include all women’s teams from around the world.  Gone will be the days of only being able to be Messi or Tim Howard.  Now the women of soccer can get in on the action.

Said US star Sydney Leroux, “Now little girls can play this game, and they can be us.”  And that right there is just another reason why Title IX, which created gender equality in American sports, is so important.  Little girls know they can grow up to be, and play like, their favorite female stars.

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