Wednesday’s Women In Sports: The Ladies of One Life Management

Brittany and Janylle: One Life Management

Sports has always been a male-dominated industry. From the athletes to the people behind the athletes, women have tended to be few and far between.  At one time it was tough finding women in the industry in any capacity, but these days women are beginning to come to the forefront. As a woman myself, I want to highlight women like myself who are doing what they can to make a name for themselves in sports as true business professionals. That is what “Wednesday’s Women in Sports” is all about. Every Wednesday, Hardwood Diva will highlight women in the industry making a name in their respective arenas. From journalists to radio hosts to agents, we want you to know about all the women doing their thing in this business we call sports.

Meet Brittany Palma and Janylle Radden, the women behind One Life Management, a personal concierge and lifestyle management company for sports and entertainment professionals. Basically, they make sure the personal and professional lives of athletes and entertainers are in order. From event preparation and calendar management to travel accommodations and life management, the ladies of OLM can handle it all. These women have been in the sports industry for years and have gained a strong client portfolio through their business savvy and reputation for getting things done.

Hardwood Diva sat down for a quick interview with Brittany and Janylle.

Hardwood Diva: Thanks ladies for speaking with me. I’ve got a few questions for you. First up, what first made you decide you wanted to start One Life Management?

One Life Management: We both worked in Business and Lifestyle Management for professional athletes and/or financial advisors for professional athletes. We’ve know each other for about 9 years now and worked together on certain projects. It was natural to us to join forces to start our own company, as we were even more dynamite as a team.

HD: What has your experience been like as women in a male-dominated industry like sports?

OLM: We both grew up deep into sports so it has been second nature to us. It is difficult to earn respect in our industry, so we made sure from the start to be cognitive of our choices and the way we run our company. We are great at what we do, so we just focus on keeping our clients happy, male or female.

HD: Where do you see One Life Management in the next 5 years? 10 years?

OLM: Our goal for OLM has always been to be a boutique business catering to exclusive clientele. We love being based in different cities because it doubles our network. And we feel that being selective with our clientele allows us to offer comprehensive, flawless service. We hope to expand, of course, however we will not waver when it comes to maintaining the personal touch that our clients have grown to trust. Eventually, we plan to open an office in a third major city.

HD: What advice would you give young women looking to break into the sports/entertainment industry?

OLM: If you love sports and entertainment enough to live it, do it. In order to be successful in our industry you need to be respected and trusted before you can even begin to deliver your selected service. Since so many people want to break into the sports & entertainment business, it is hard for sports professionals/athletes to trust newcomers. Reputation, respect and trust are key components. So respect yourself first and remember that everyone could potentially be your customer so act as so.

Thanks to the ladies of One Life Management…a great company with great potential.  Make sure to check them out at or at  And be sure to check out the Facebook page:


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